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Business R&D Application of Microbial Tec

R&D Application of Microbial Tec

Fujian Candbest Biotechnology Co., Ltd and China Inspection and Certification Group Fujian Co., Ltd., which is a member unit of the Chinese Society of Soils, have joined forces to persistently carry out scientific fertilization by soil testing and formulating, and follow the green ecology of high production efficiency, product safety, resource conservation, and environmental friendly Industrial development path.

Candbest adheres to the purpose of being responsible for each customer, working with each customer to collect soil samples in the field for testing, formulating fertilization plans based on the test results and the characteristics of crop growth needs, providing customers with highly targeted organic fertilizers, making customers more scientific , Accurate fertilization, more economical, green investment.

R & D and application of microbial technology:

Fujian Candbest Biotechnology Co., Ltd and Fuzhou University jointly established a microbial technology R & D laboratory, which is committed to research and development of highly active, easy-to-live, high-efficiency microbial strains for the production of Candbest bio-organic fertilizer.

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