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Fujian CANDBEST Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CANDBEST"-We can do best) was established in March 2012. It is a company headquartered in Fuzhou. It is committed to becoming a well-known domestic professional engaged in refined biological organic fertilizer products, biological A high-tech company that develops, produces, and sells pesticide-removing products.

Based on its own scientific research strength, CANDBEST has mastered the core technology. The raw materials are purified through aerobic and anaerobic two-stage high-fermentation processes to produce clean energy. At the same time, it produces no hormones, antibiotics, heavy metals, eggs of disease and insects, weed seeds and other Harmful substances, organic fertilizers that can provide various trace elements required for plant growth.

CANDBEST has established an organization headquartered in Fuzhou, a branch office in Fuzhou, a joint laboratory in the Department of Biology of Fuzhou University, and an operation center in various parts of the country to support the completion of production layout, sales coordination, technology development, and government subsidies. Architecture. Up to now, Kangdebei has set up operation centers for marketing and service in Shaanxi, Hainan, Jiangsu, Hunan, Jiangsu, Xinjiang and other provinces.

CANDBEST establishes a sales model of Internet + physical sales, which not only meets the needs of consumers for convenient purchasing through multiple channels, but also achieves more targeted and effective "one-to-one" communication, and is guided by consumer demand. Layout establishes local operation centers, so that consumers, channel dealers, and customers on the agricultural chain all sincerely affirm and praise: "CANDBEST is trustworthy!".

CANDBEST passed the ISO 9001 quality system certification in 2016. It establishes and improves standardized management processes to ensure the efficient operation of all levels of the company and implement the customer-centric philosophy. It meets and even exceeds customer requirements through the operation of various processes in the system.

In today's fierce market competition and increasing costs, CANDBEST still adheres to the high standards of environmental friendliness and greenness. The organic fertilizer products produced by the company actively participate in the evaluation and certification of organic agricultural production materials of Nanjing Guohuan Organic Products. Promote the development of advanced examples of green ecological agriculture.

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